LICERA Growth Marketing Strategy Network (LICERA) is a beacon of Filipino ingenuity, hailing from the heart of Cebu, and extending our services globally.

Founded in 2014 by our visionary founder, Ruben Licera, LICERA has been officially fueling growth journeys since 2017.

Today, LICERA proudly stands as one of the most rapidly evolving Integrated and Digital agencies in the Philippines, offering our expertise to businesses and entrepreneurs from Australia, the United Kingdom, United States and the rest of the word. Our mission? To help our partners secure MORE targeted TRAFFIC, generate MORE viable LEADS, and ultimately, drive MORE SALES.

Leveraging our team’s 40-year cumulative industry experience, we pride ourselves on our client-centric approach. We recognize that each client is the maestro of their brand narrative, and we are the amplifiers, broadening their reach and resonating their unique offers to an ever-expanding pool of potential customers.

At LICERA, we don’t just aim for growth – we aim for STRATEGIC and PURPOSEFUL GROWTH with our clients. As an international award-winning growth marketing company, we take immense pride in the caliber of our work, understanding its transformative potential in orchestrating business growth that is not just powerful but purposeful, not just strategic but sustainable.

Our Mantra

Here at LICERA, we take the high road, breaking away from the status quo of the industry. We are not merely an agency; we are a movement, a revolution of innovative thought and relentless action, dedicated to actualizing your brand’s limitless potential. More than delivering captivating creatives or comprehensive media solutions, our raison d’être is your business’s GROWTH.

Our Specialties

What about us sets us apart, you ask?

Facebook Marketing Partners

Here at LICERA, we’re proud members of the Facebook Marketing Partner program.

LICERA has been vetted by Facebook for its expertise, unwavering commitment to customer success, and exceptional service quality within the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Full Marketing Team

Our team comprises marketing professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

✔ Facebook & Instagram Ads Specialists
✔ Google Pay Per Click Experts
✔ Sales Copywriters
✔ Graphic Designers
✔ Social Media Managers
✔ Video Editors
✔ Marketing Associates

Ready-To-Use Social Media Strategy

Crafting compelling daily content for your social media channels can be time-consuming. With LICERA's ready-to-use Social Media Strategy, you can effortlessly COPY & PASTE engaging posts into your schedule!

✔ Facebook Events
✔ IG/FB Stories
✔ Articles & Blogs
✔ Promotional Content

Tailored Funnels & Pages that CONVERT!

LICERA's packages include personalized Landing Pages, Appointment Booking Pages, and Thank You Pages seamlessly integrated into your website's subdomain. Why does this matter to you? This ensures brand consistency and a seamless experience for your customers.

The Digital Growth Academy

An exclusive Online Learning Hub that equips you with the tools and resources to attract more leads. From crafting irresistible offers to creating effective marketing plans, we teach you how to turn these leads into actual customers, and so much more! Accessible on both your desktop and mobile devices!

Specialized-For-You Automated Guest Engagement

Running a restaurant isn’t a one-man show. Our AI-powered system takes care of follow-ups via SMS and Email, saving you generous time while ensuring consistent guest engagement. With this, you can focus MORE on your passion for growing your business, and let the system handle the rest.

Strategic Onboarding Session

A tailored roadmap for boosting CONVERTIBLE LEADS. We guide you through campaign launches to ensure that they are on time and will bring you a HIGHER ROI.

In this personalized 1-on-1 session, we help you create unique and compelling AD campaigns that speak your brand well.

Conversion-Optimized Ad Campaigns


We specialize in driving HIGHER Traffic, Engagement, Reviews, Reach, Conversions, and ultimately SALES!

Our tried-and-tested Ad Copies and Landing Page designs eliminate errors to prevent wasting your time while maximizing your investment.

Performance Insights

QUARTERLY PERFORMANCE REVIEW You will receive a comprehensive report on your Ad Campaigns every quarter with REAL NUMBERS.

We analyze your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), highlight successes, and provide actionable suggestions to further enhance your results.

Dedicated Support

LICERA stands for professionalism. Our headquarters based in Cebu, Philippines are home to our adept team, available from 8 AM to 5 PM PHT, Monday through Friday.

We always ensure top-tier service and deliver quality results!

Live Lead & Appointment Alerts

The moment a potential guest becomes a lead and secures a reservation, your whole team will be notified in real-time via email!

Every second matters in sales so don’t miss any of it!

Monthly Group Consultations

Beyond boosting your customers and guests, we are also devoted to enhancing your Business Skills! Enjoy complimentary monthly Live Master Classes, covering a wide array of Sales & Marketing Strategies, TAILORED just for your brand!

All-in-One Restaurant & Hospitality CRM Tool

Effortlessly manage prospects and sales with our all-encompassing CRM software, customizable to align with your unique business model. Our Prospecting CRM is included in all of our packages!

PH-Based Marketing Professionals

Our diverse team of Filipino marketing experts, each focusing on a specific niche, can cater to all your NEEDS! No need to worry, we can help you in EVERYTHING!


We exclusively cater to the restaurant and hospitality industry, as we are very much dedicated to helping you succeed in doing what you’re most passionate about. This specialization empowers us to streamline our services, guaranteeing unparalleled customer satisfaction!


Ruben Licera
Iren Licera
Joana Gersale
Albi Biol
Paul John Baay

Our PrLicera Icon Whitemise


At LICERA, growth isn’t just an empty buzzword; it’s a tangible reality, a robust promise underpinning every action we take, every solution we craft. Our mission is simple yet profound: to guide your business towards uncharted heights, turning your dreams into demonstrable, quantifiable growth.

We make your growth our priority. And when we say growth, we mean it. Not mere numbers or percentages, but real, impactful, sustainable growth. A kind of growth that propels your brand into tomorrow, securing its place in the ever-evolving digital narrative.

So, dare to take the higher ground with us. Step into the universe of LICERA, where your growth is not just a probability, but an unwavering guarantee.



Top Web Developer

Clutch Award 2023

Top Conversion Optimization Company

Top Conversion Optimization Company

Clutch Award 2023

Top Influencer Advertising Company

Top Influencer Advertising Agency

Clutch Award 2023

top_clutch.co_content_marketing_company_philippines_2023 (1)

Top Content Marketing Company

Clutch Award 2023



Marketing Agency of the Year

(CMO Asia Awards)

CMO-Digital-Marketer-of-the-year-2022 (1)

Digital Marketer of the Year

(CMO Asia Awards)


Company of the Year 2022

IBA 2022 (ITALY)


top-digital-marketing (1)

Top Digital Marketing Agency for APAC 2021

CIO Advisor APAC

Digital Marketer of the Year

(Asian Leadership Awards) 2021

Brand-Leadership-2021 (1)

Brand Leadership Award

(Philippines) 2021



Top Rated B2B Agency


Top B2B Agency - ESTRAT360

Top B2B Agency



Company of the Year - B2B ESTRAT 360

(IBA Vienna 2019)

silver-stevie-winner (1)

Startup of the Year ESTRAT 360

(IBA Vienna 2019)

bronze-stevie-winner (1)

Communications Professional of the Year RUBEN LICERA

(IBA Vienna 2019)

Company of the Year - Restaurant Category - RICO’S LECHON


Entrepreneur of the Year - Restaurant Category - GEORGE NOCOM PUA

(IBA Vienna 2019)

Campaign of the Year “Daghang Salamat, Cebuanos” - RICO’S LECHON

(IBA Vienna 2019)


Campaign of the Year “Daghang Salamat, Cebuanos” - RICO’S LECHON

(IBA Vienna 2019)

Entrepreneur of the Year - Restaurant Category - GEORGE NOCOM PUA

(IBA Vienna 2019)

Company of the Year - Restaurant Category - RICO’S LECHON

(IBA Vienna 2019)


Company of the Year - B2B

(IBA Vienna 2017)

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