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Why Choose LICERA?

We're trusted by over 308+ Restaurants and Hospitality Businesses...

We’re trusted by over 308+ Restaurant Owners, Restaurant Marketers, Restaurant Managers, and Hotel & Resort Entrepreneurs nationwide.

Our goal is to take over the technical and strategic aspect of your Digital Marketing… so you can spend your time and focus on what you love… Growing Your Business!

Marketing Agency of the Year 2022
Digital Marketer of the year 2022
Company of the year
Brand Leadership award

We’re not merely interested in creating appealing visuals, engaging content, or effective digital strategies; we are fully committed to making a profound impact on your business’s bottom line. We believe that every action we take, every strategy we deploy, should contribute towards one overarching objective – unyielding, robust GROWTH.

Our conviction rests on the knowledge that as business owners, C-level executives, and industry leaders, your primary focus isn’t the process; it’s the outcome. You’re interested in seeing your investments translate into real-world, quantifiable returns. And that’s precisely where we step in.

As a Growth Agency, we remain steadfast in our commitment to driving your business forward, accelerating your journey towards achieving market dominance, and ensuring sustainable success. We understand the pivotal role growth plays in your business, and we’re here to catalyze that growth, propelling your company to new heights.

Because in the end, what matters to us is what matters to you – GROWTH. And not just any growth, but growth that is strategic, scalable, and squarely centered on your business objectives.

In the crowded constellation of digital innovation, we are your guiding star – Amplify Aura. We defy the standard agency labels because we’re not just another run-of-the-mill creative house, media studio, or digital hub. We are, at our core, a Growth Marketing Network. We are steadfast, we are dynamic, and above everything, we are fixated on fostering GROWTH.


Gary Little

Founder/CEO Mimic Digital

If you’re a Western Company looking for an Agency in the Philippines look no further. Ruben Licera’s team delivers. I have 6 years working with talent in the Philippines and without a doubt ESTRAT360 is the best!

Case Study


Your digital presence is in expert hands with us. Let’s create a winning strategy across all platforms and enkindle your brand’s potential. We don’t just give you the fish, we don’t teach you to fish either—for you, we, as a restaurant marketing company, map out the ways to catch the biggest fish in the most resource-efficient manners


Neatly designed website architectures, captivating landing pages, chic and simple designs. Our website designs will hand you the keys to ultimate success, higher conversion rates, increased sales, and impressed visitors by applying your marketing strategies into a web design.




Our advertising team welds their restaurant marketing background together with the fresh dynamics of digital technologies. From Google Ads to display ads, we have the answers for every kind of question to advertise your restaurant.

Our Specialties

What sets us
apart, you ask?

Facebook Marketing Partners

Here at LICERA, we’re proud members of the Facebook Marketing Partner program.

LICERA has been vetted by Facebook for its expertise, unwavering commitment to customer success, and exceptional service quality within the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Full Marketing Team

Our team comprises marketing professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

✔ Facebook & Instagram Ads Specialists
✔ Google Pay Per Click Experts
✔ Sales Copywriters
✔ Graphic Designers
✔ Social Media Managers
✔ Video Editors
✔ Marketing Associates

Ready-To-Use Social Media Strategy

Crafting compelling daily content for your social media channels can be time-consuming. With LICERA's ready-to-use Social Media Strategy, you can effortlessly COPY & PASTE engaging posts into your schedule!

✔ Facebook Events
✔ IG/FB Stories
✔ Articles & Blogs
✔ Promotional Content

Tailored Funnels & Pages that CONVERT!

LICERA's packages include personalized Landing Pages, Appointment Booking Pages, and Thank You Pages seamlessly integrated into your website's subdomain. Why does this matter to you? This ensures brand consistency and a seamless experience for your customers.

The Digital Growth Academy

An exclusive Online Learning Hub that equips you with the tools and resources to attract more leads. From crafting irresistible offers to creating effective marketing plans, we teach you how to turn these leads into actual customers, and so much more! Accessible on both your desktop and mobile devices!

Specialized-For-You Automated Guest Engagement

Running a restaurant isn’t a one-man show. Our AI-powered system takes care of follow-ups via SMS and Email, saving you generous time while ensuring consistent guest engagement. With this, you can focus MORE on your passion for growing your business, and let the system handle the rest.

Strategic Onboarding Session

A tailored roadmap for boosting CONVERTIBLE LEADS. We guide you through campaign launches to ensure that they are on time and will bring you a HIGHER ROI.

In this personalized 1-on-1 session, we help you create unique and compelling AD campaigns that speak your brand well.

Conversion-Optimized Ad Campaigns


We specialize in driving HIGHER Traffic, Engagement, Reviews, Reach, Conversions, and ultimately SALES!

Our tried-and-tested Ad Copies and Landing Page designs eliminate errors to prevent wasting your time while maximizing your investment.

Performance Insights

QUARTERLY PERFORMANCE REVIEW You will receive a comprehensive report on your Ad Campaigns every quarter with REAL NUMBERS.

We analyze your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), highlight successes, and provide actionable suggestions to further enhance your results.

Dedicated Support

LICERA stands for professionalism. Our headquarters based in Cebu, Philippines are home to our adept team, available from 8 AM to 5 PM PHT, Monday through Friday.

We always ensure top-tier service and deliver quality results!

Live Lead & Appointment Alerts

The moment a potential guest becomes a lead and secures a reservation, your whole team will be notified in real-time via email!

Every second matters in sales so don’t miss any of it!

Monthly Group Consultations

Beyond boosting your customers and guests, we are also devoted to enhancing your Business Skills! Enjoy complimentary monthly Live Master Classes, covering a wide array of Sales & Marketing Strategies, TAILORED just for your brand!

All-in-One Restaurant & Hospitality CRM Tool

Effortlessly manage prospects and sales with our all-encompassing CRM software, customizable to align with your unique business model. Our Prospecting CRM is included in all of our packages!

PH-Based Marketing Professionals

Our diverse team of Filipino marketing experts, each focusing on a specific niche, can cater to all your NEEDS! No need to worry, we can help you in EVERYTHING!


We exclusively cater to the restaurant and hospitality industry, as we are very much dedicated to helping you succeed in doing what you’re most passionate about. This specialization empowers us to streamline our services, guaranteeing unparalleled customer satisfaction!

Our Restaurant Marketing Services and Solutions:


Over the years, we have served more than 360+ clients and have generated more than 200,000 leads that led to around 10X growth of our restaurant clients.

OUR SECRET IS SIMPLE! We Help Restaurants Attract Customers and Make them fall in love with their brands.


Restaurant Marketing Services

Your restaurant business is about gastronomic and flavorful dining experience. We sit down with you to discuss your brand, your service and identify what makes you unique. Don’t know where to start? Don’t Worry. We hold you by the hand and help you  develop your business plan and strategy.

With you as the brand/service expert, we will build a pandemic-proof strategy like what we have done to our existing clients.

Learn more about our Restaurant Marketing Strategy here.

Dazzle diners before they even walk in! We give your restaurant a unique and mouth-watering look. Stand out in the crowd and make a lasting first impression.

Learn more about our Restaurant Branding and Creative Design here.

Yes your food is delicious, but it is not enough to turn strangers into fans, and the fans into customers.

More than the food, the overall experience of the customers should convey information, education, entertainment or inspiration to your audience with the goal in mind that you become the “top of mind” of the niche your target diner is thinking.

Learn more about our Restaurant Content Marketing here.

Let’s get the town talking! From tantalizing pictures of your dishes on Instagram to special deals on Facebook, we make sure you’re the conversation on everyone’s lips.

Learn more about our Restaurant Social Media Marketing here.

Your restaurant should be 24/7 available to your target customers. Your restaurant’s website is your main HQ digitally. It’s the primary place your customers will primarily check if they want to get more information about you.

Having a beautiful and customer responsive website is relevant in creating the best first impression to your target customers.

Learn more about our Restaurant Website Design and Development here.

We want you to be top of mind in the client’s mind. When they look for your niche in the search engines like Google, Facebook, and Youtube, we want them to see you first. 

For this to happen, we will optimize your website and digital assets on the search engines. With the help of our in-house experts, we will aim to rank on top of the search result pages so that you can attract more guests into your digital assets, and finally entice them to visit you in your restaurant.

Click this link to learn more about Restaurant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) here.

Sometimes the biggest immediate boost you can have for your restaurant is getting the attention of the food influencers in your area or a national celebrity dropping by.

If you want to use this strategy for your restaurant, click this post on Restaurant Influencer Marketing  and see how this can benefit your restaurant.

Reviews matter. We monitor what’s being said about your restaurant. Celebrate the good comments, and gracefully address and improve from the constructive ones.

Learn more about the benefits and importance of Restaurant Reputation Management here.

Check out our
Ad Exposure Flow

How does it work?

Mark Khabe

Co-Founder, PRIME BPM Pty Ltd.

“I have been working with Ruben Licera and the whole team for more than 2 years now. It has been a great partnership for the last 2 years and we are looking forward to many more to come. During our engagement Ruben and his team worked relentlessly to help us increase the leads and our business through various campaigns. The results were astronomical, in the first year it self we gathered 1200 inbound leads which is very uncommon and hard in our type of B2B industry. Our partnership with Ruben and his team is essential for the growth of our business”


ESTRAT Exclusivity


When you decide to work with us, we won’t sign any of your competitors. As our client, you are guaranteed that we will exclusively be working with you in the specific area and sub-niche.

ESTRAT Personalized-Attentions

Personalized Attention

Our Customer Success Advisors will ensure that you will receive utmost care as we run and execute your campaigns to generate the desired output. Our in-house experts will be working with you closely should you need access.

ESTRAT Transparency


We will ensure that all budget and marketing spend will be spent wisely. You will also see the backend of the status of the campaigns

ESTRAT Industry-Experts

Industry Experts

For a long time, we we’re “Jack of all trades” until we realized that 65% of our marketing clients are restaurants. Most of our case studies are focused on your industry, meaning better results for you.

ESTRAT Call-Tracking-and-Reporting

Call Tracking and Reporting

We’re invested in the latest call tracking technology to ensure that the right keywords delivers the best lowest possible cost per lead.

ESTRAT International-Award-Winning

International Award Winning

12 international awards under our belts for successfully staging campaigns with massive impacts to businesses, partners and communities.

ESTRAT Well-Rounded


Putting you as the top-of-mind in your location is our main goal. Our strategy is to ensure that you get the maximum visibility and impact on the execution we do.

ESTRAT Proven-Results

Proven Results

We have proven track record of doubling and tripping business in the restaurant industry

Our Mission is to

DOUBLE the growth of

What we Do

Customer-Engaging Websites

We build website that are user friendly, fast and designed with compelling messaging and calls to action

Optimize Visibility

Quality links, citations and optimized listings are just a few of the many ways we optimize your website so that you show up where customers are searching.

Boost Reach and Amplification

Strategic pay-per-click and pay-per-lead and retargeting campaigns can grow your business exponentially when done right

Measure Growth and Success

Not all should be measured, yet we will place tags using Google Analytics, Google Search Console, CallRail and all other tools so that we accurately track , measure and report on your results on time.



Get ready to gather your digital toolkit and step onto the virtual stage; in these pages, we’re about to unravel the mysteries of conquering the ever-shifting world of internet marketing tailored just for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Don’t worry about needing prior expertise – this guide is your friendly companion, designed to help anyone navigate the digital waters and set sail toward growth. Dive right in to uncover a treasure trove of insights, fresh trends, and cutting-edge tools perfectly tuned for your restaurant’s success. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy and get ready to chart your course towards digital triumph! Your journey to mastering internet marketing starts now.


Get ready to dive into the exciting world of online marketing for restaurants and hospitality businesses! We’ll spill the secrets on all the latest tricks and strategies that are working wonders right now. You’ll walk away with actionable steps to amp up your brand’s online game and see real results.

Imagine your restaurant’s online presence as a symphony – each instrument playing in harmony to create an unforgettable performance. We’ll show you how to orchestrate your website, social media, and more into a beautiful melody that captivates your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

Let’s talk strategy! We’re breaking down the art of setting achievable goals and making the most out of your marketing budget. No more shooting in the dark – we’ll guide you on how to spend your marketing dollars wisely for maximum impact.

Ever wished you could read your customers’ minds? While we can’t promise psychic abilities, we’ve got the next best thing. Meet your Target Customer Avatar – a way to understand your customers so well, it’s like you’re reading their thoughts. Craft marketing that speaks directly to them and leaves them hungry for more.

What’s your brand story? Let’s give it a digital makeover that’ll have people lining up to hear it. We’re sharing insider knowledge on how to create a brand that’s as irresistible as your signature dish. Get ready to turn heads and win hearts with your unique online presence.

Your website is your restaurant’s online home – let’s make it a cozy, welcoming place for your virtual visitors. No tech jargon here – just simple steps to create a website that’s so user-friendly, your customers will feel like they’re already at your restaurant, fork and knife in hand.

Think of this as your business compass in the digital realm. We’ll help you navigate the world of online metrics and show you how to use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to stay on track. Wave goodbye to confusion and hello to clear insights that guide your online success.

Ever wished your restaurant would pop up first when hungry diners search online? It’s not magic, it’s SEO! We’re unraveling the mysteries behind search engines and giving you the tools to make your restaurant a top result. Say hello to more customers finding their way to your door.

Ready to give your marketing a little boost? Paid campaigns are your ticket to the front row of your customers’ attention. From Google Ads to social media magic, we’re showing you the ropes so you can create campaigns that sizzle, pop, and bring in more diners and guests.




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