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2019 - Ongoing


Aims to enhance their ordering system and delivery process through their website
Rico’s Lechon, known as Cebu’s Best Lechon, is a popular restaurant specializing in mouthwatering lechon (roasted pig) in Cebu, Philippines. To meet the increasing demand and provide a seamless customer experience, Rico’s Lechon aims to enhance its ordering system and delivery process through its website. This case study presents the challenges faced by Rico’s Lechon and proposes solutions to improve its online ordering and delivery system.


The objective is to enhance the ordering and delivery system for Rico’s Lechon website by creating a separate website for Manila branches, streamlining the ordering process, implementing dedicated delivery logistics, providing real-time delivery monitoring, ensuring quality assurance measures, and designing the website based on user behavior and preferences.
Seeing an opportunity in the food business, the sole-proprietor and family managed company ventured into the food industry on its 15th year by offering other Cebuano favorites on venue, on top of its signature version of Cebu Lechon.


Problem Statement

Rico’s Lechon faces the following challenges in their current ordering and delivery system
Inefficient Ordering Process
The existing ordering system lacks user-friendliness and efficient navigation, leading to confusion and potential order errors. Customers find it difficult to customize their orders as they use Facebook chat as their ordering system resulting in delays and dissatisfaction.

Limited Payment Options
The website offers only a few payment options, primarily cash on delivery (COD). This restricts the customer’s convenience, as many prefer cashless transactions or online payment gateways.

Inaccurate Delivery Tracking
The lack of real-time tracking updates for delivery causes uncertainty for customers, leading to increased customer service inquiries , potentially affecting customer satisfaction, delay in delivery and cancellation of orders.

Geographic Restrictions and Freshness Concerns
The old ordering system on Rico’s Lechon website restricts customers from ordering a lechon from Cebu to be delivered to Manila due to concerns about maintaining the freshness and quality of the lechon during transportation. This limitation prevents customers outside of Cebu from experiencing Rico’s Lechon and may lead to missed business opportunities and customer dissatisfaction.

Visual design

The web design of Rico’s Lechon website incorporates a visually appealing color palette of fresh green and light red. The fresh green represents the natural ingredients and flavors that define the brand’s offerings, while the light red adds warmth and excitement to the design.

Combined with a clean layout and legible typography, the web design effectively communicates the brand’s commitment to freshness, quality, and an exceptional culinary experience. With its enticing visual elements and user-friendly interface, the web design of Rico’s Lechon website creates an immersive and appetizing online experience for visitors, enticing them to explore and indulge in the culinary delights offered by the brand.
Enhancing the Ordering and Delivery System for Rico’s Lechon Website, Cebu’s Best Lechon

Created Separate Website for manila branches
To address the geographic restrictions, Rico’s Lechon can create a separate website specifically for their Manila branches. This dedicated website will allow customers in Manila and nearby areas to conveniently order lechon online for delivery, ensuring freshness and quality.

Dedicated Delivery Logistics
Implement a dedicated delivery logistics system to ensure efficient and timely transportation of lechon from Cebu to Manila. This includes specialized packaging and handling processes to maintain the lechon’s taste, texture, and presentation during transit.

Real-Time Delivery Monitoring
Integrate a real-time delivery monitoring system that provides customers with updates on the status of their lechon delivery. This feature will enable customers to track their orders, ensuring transparency and reducing any concerns about the freshness and quality of the lechon during transportation.

Quality Assurance Measures
Implement stringent quality assurance measures, including strict standards for selecting ingredients, roasting techniques, and packaging processes. These measures will ensure that the lechon maintains its superior taste and quality, even when delivered outside of Cebu.

Design based on user behavior

The design of Rico’s Lechon website was carefully crafted based on user behavior and data-driven insights. It focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly experience, with clear messaging that effectively communicated the company’s value proposition. The navigation was simplified, enabling users to easily find what they needed, while the layout was optimized to enhance user engagement and conversion rates. Strategic placement of call-to-action buttons throughout the website encouraged user interaction and guided visitors through the content, ultimately improving the overall user experience.
By considering user behavior and leveraging data insights, Rico’s Lechon successfully designed a website that resonates with its target audience. The intuitive interface, concise messaging, simplified navigation, and strategic use of call-to-action buttons collectively contribute to a seamless and engaging online experience for visitors.


By creating a dedicated website for their Manila branches and implementing a streamlined ordering process, dedicated delivery logistics, real-time delivery monitoring, and quality assurance measures, Rico’s Lechon can overcome the geographic restrictions and ensure the freshness and quality of their lechon.
These improvements will enhance customer satisfaction, expand market reach, and drive business growth for Rico’s Lechon, Cebu’s Best Lechon.

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Team credits

Rose Sangre (Project Lead), Albi Biol (UI & UX Design)

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