Our restaurant specializes in street food that Cebuanos
love, and offers the first Chili Garlic Ginabot.








Pungko ta poy! is renowned for serving authentic and beloved Cebuano street food. Despite its popularity, the restaurant lacks an online presence, an accessible menu, and essential information on Google My Business. These limitations hinder its potential to reach a broader audience and capitalize on digital opportunities in the competitive food industry.
Their menu extends far beyond traditional Cebuano food and customary pungko-pungko and carenderia fare. Dishes are infused with creativity and style through presentation. Wooden plates, coconut cups, golden cutleries are matched with the menu to create an enhanced street food experience.

Pungko ta poy! Restaurant Website Creation

Executive Summary:
This case study focuses on the digital transformation of Pungko ta poy!, a popular street food restaurant in Cebu, Philippines. The objective is to create a visually captivating and user-friendly website that enhances the restaurant’s online presence, promotes its unique street food offerings, and facilitates a seamless dining experience for customers.


Case Evaluation:
Absence of Online Presence:
The restaurant’s lack of a website limits its ability to engage with customers in the digital space and leaves potential diners unaware of its offerings and unique dining experience.

Inaccessible Online Menu:
Without an online menu, customers cannot browse the diverse street food options in advance, leading to missed opportunities to attract food enthusiasts searching for specific dishes.

Missing Google My Business Listing:
The absence of a Google My Business profile diminishes the restaurant’s visibility in local search results, making it challenging for potential customers to find essential information such as location and contact details.

Limited Digital Transformation:
Pungko ta poy! has not fully embraced digital transformation, missing out on leveraging the benefits of online platforms for customer engagement and business growth.

Visual design

Proposed Solutions:
Website Creation:
Develop a visually appealing website for Pungko ta poy! that reflects the vibrant ambiance of the restaurant with a Filipino home-inspired visual design, incorporating elements of rattan style. Utilize Philippine colors, such as orange and yellow, to capture the ever-changing and evolving nature of the hospitality industry in Cebu.

Integration of Online Menu:
Create an easily accessible and user-friendly online menu on the website. This will enable customers to explore the diverse street food offerings, including the signature Chili Garlic Ginabot, before visiting the restaurant.

Google My Business Listing Setup:
Optimize the restaurant’s online presence by setting up and optimizing a Google My Business listing. Ensure that essential details, such as location, operating hours, and contact information, are readily available to potential customers in local search results.

Comprehensive Digital Transformation Strategy:
Implement a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that includes online ordering systems, social media marketing campaigns, and the utilization of customer data for personalized experiences and promotions.

Design based on user behavior

Engage a professional web development team to create the website with a Filipino home-inspired visual design and vibrant Philippine colors. Collaborate with the team to integrate a user-friendly online menu and optimize the website for mobile devices and desktops.
Work with digital marketing experts to set up and optimize the Google My Business listing. Develop and implement the comprehensive digital transformation strategy, incorporating online ordering, social media marketing, and data-driven personalization.


The proposed solutions aim to address the restaurant’s challenges and opportunities by creating an engaging and user-friendly website, enhancing its online presence, and embracing digital transformation. By implementing these strategies, Pungko ta poy! can elevate its position in the competitive food industry and continue delighting Cebuanos and visitors with its mouth watering street food offerings.
To achieve successful digital transformation, Pungko ta poy! should prioritize website creation, online menu integration, Google My Business setup, and the implementation of a comprehensive digital strategy. These steps will empower the restaurant to connect with its audience, improve customer experiences, and establish a strong online presence in the evolving hospitality landscape.

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Team credits

Rose Sangre (Project Lead), Albi Biol (UI & UX Design)

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