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HRRACI is a prominent association dedicated to serving the needs of hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Cebu. However, the organization faces challenges due to the lack of an online presence, absence of registration and membership information, and inadequate promotion of its members.
These issues have hindered the association from effectively engaging with its audience and fully realizing its potential.

HRRACI Organization Website Creation

This case study examines the digital transformation of HRRACI – Hotel, Resort, and Restaurant Association of Cebu Inc., a leading organization serving the hospitality industry in Cebu, Philippines.
The objective is to create a website that boosts information about the organization and facilitates the industry’s growth by offering online membership registration, promoting members, and providing valuable insights about the hotel, resort, and restaurant industry in Cebu.


Case Evaluation:
Lack of Online Presence:
The absence of a website for HRRACI limits its ability to reach a wider audience and effectively communicate with stakeholders. Potential members, businesses, and the public have no centralized platform to access crucial information about the association and the hospitality industry in Cebu.

Inefficient Membership Registration Process:
Without an online registration system, the membership process becomes cumbersome and time-consuming. Potential members face difficulties in joining the association, leading to missed opportunities for HRRACI to expand its membership base and strengthen its influence.

Inadequate Member Promotion:
The organization’s failure to properly promote its member establishments results in limited visibility and missed business opportunities. Without a dedicated platform to showcase member businesses, HRRACI struggles to enhance the reputation and growth of its members within the hospitality industry.

Limited Industry Insights and Information Sharing:
Due to the lack of an online platform, HRRACI cannot effectively share valuable insights, updates, and resources related to the hotel, resort, and restaurant industry in Cebu. This restricts its ability to be an authoritative source of information for industry professionals and the public.

Visual design

Proposed Solutions:
Website Creation for Digital Transformation:
Develop a modern, user-friendly, and visually appealing website that represents HRRACI’s brand identity and incorporates the vibrant Philippine colors. The website should serve as a comprehensive platform to showcase the association’s activities, industry insights, and member establishments.

Implement an Online Membership Registration System:
Integrate an efficient online membership registration system on the website to streamline the process for potential members. This user-friendly feature will enable interested businesses to apply for membership easily, increasing the association’s membership base and fostering community engagement.

Establish a Member Showcase Section:
Create a dedicated section on the website to effectively promote and highlight member establishments. This showcase should include captivating images, detailed information, and customer testimonials, elevating the visibility and reputation of the member businesses.

Provide Comprehensive Industry Insights and Information Sharing:
Utilize the website as a hub for sharing industry trends, best practices, and relevant resources. Regularly update the website with industry news, event announcements, and informative articles to position HRRACI as a credible source of information and an industry thought leader.

Design based on user behavior

Website Development: Engage a professional web development team to design and develop the website with a modern look, incorporating vibrant Philippine colors. Online Registration System: Collaborate with a technology partner to integrate a user-friendly registration form that captures essential information and simplifies the membership process.
Member Showcase: Work with the web development team to create a visually appealing section on the website to showcase member establishments, complete with compelling images and comprehensive information.


The case evaluations highlight the importance of a website for HRRACI’s digital transformation and the need to address membership registration and member promotion issues. The proposed solutions offer realistic and testable strategies to overcome these challenges and elevate the organization’s presence and impact in the hospitality industry.
To achieve a successful digital transformation, HRRACI should prioritize website creation, implement an efficient online registration system, and establish a member showcase. These solutions will significantly enhance HRRACI’s ability to serve its members and the broader hospitality community in Cebu.

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Team credits

Rose Sangre (Project Lead), Albi Biol (UI & UX Design)

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