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GovCon Giants is a reputable platform that provides essential insights on winning government contracts bidding. However, the previous website design lacked a modern look and feel, failing to effectively showcase their courses, podcasts, and blogs. Additionally, there was a missed opportunity to leverage a YouTube channel to engage and educate the audience through video content and podcasts.
Govcon Giants is an US based company that aims to provide helpful and actionable content to help small business and marginalized sectors win Government Contracting Awards

GovCon Giants - Website Redesign for Government Contracts Bidding Know-How

This case study focuses on the website redesign of GovCon Giants, a leading platform offering valuable know-how on bidding for government contracts.
The objective is to create a modern and user-friendly website with an improved UI & UX, showcasing courses, podcasts, blogs, and a YouTube channel to engage and educate the audience effectively.


Case Evaluation:

Outdated Website Design:
The existing website lacked a modern look and feel, potentially leading to a decline in user engagement and credibility in the competitive government contracts bidding industry.

Limited Course Showcase:
The courses offered by GovCon Giants were not effectively showcased on the website, resulting in missed opportunities to attract potential learners and generate course enrollments.

Absence of Subscription Form:
The lack of a subscription form on the website prevented the collection of customer emails for communication purposes, limiting the ability to provide daily updates on blogs and other offerings.

Untapped YouTube Channel:
GovCon Giants did not effectively leverage a YouTube channel to engage and educate the audience through video content, missing out on a powerful platform to showcase expertise and reach a wider audience.
To achieve a successful website redesign and maximize the potential of the YouTube channel, GovCon Giants should prioritize engaging a professional web design team, creating dedicated sections for courses and content, integrating the YouTube channel, and implementing a subscription form. These steps will empower the platform to elevate its online presence, increase customer engagement, and effectively showcase its expertise through video content.

Visual design

Engage a professional web design team to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website for GovCon Giants. Incorporate modern design elements, such as clean layouts and intuitive navigation, to elevate the website’s overall look and user experience.
Showcase Courses, Podcasts, Blogs, and YouTube Channel: Create dedicated sections on the redesigned website to effectively showcase the range of courses, podcasts, and blogs offered by GovCon Giants. Additionally, integrate a prominent section for the YouTube channel to engage and educate the audience through video content.

Design based on user behavior

Grew Govcon Giants YouTube Channel from 9k subscribers to 25,000 subscribers 1,500% increase in Consulting Bookings and Membership Launched Govcon Giants Membership website
When they started with us, the company just has a working concept without any digital assets and collaterals.
The goal was to bring the brand out and become a respected brand in terms of government contracting

The Strategy and Goals
After series of consultative meeting with the clients, we crafted the manpower need, and the process flow of activities involved in the execution of dental digital marketing services provided to the clients.
We also identified the common problems in the management and operations.


By redesigning the website with a modern look and feel, showcasing courses, podcasts, blogs, and the YouTube channel, GovCon Giants can elevate its online presence and effectively engage and educate its audience. Implementing a subscription form will enhance customer communication and retention, while leveraging the YouTube channel will provide a powerful platform to showcase expertise and reach a wider audience.
Engage a reputable web design team with expertise in modern UI & UX to redesign the website using the brand colors of green and light orange. Collaborate with content creators and designers to create visually compelling sections for courses, podcasts, blogs, and the YouTube channel. Develop a content strategy for the YouTube channel, outlining video topics and release schedules to engage the audience effectively. Constantly update video content and podcasts in the website podcasts category and also uploaded in the youtube channel. Also, posts clips of the podcasts in the youtube and facebook pages as short videos.

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Team credits

Albi Biol (Head of Web Design & Development)

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