Angel’s Pizza Explores International Expansion

Angel’s Pizza
Angel’s Pizza, part of the Figaro Coffee Group Inc. (FCG), is contemplating a future expansion beyond Philippine shores while aiming to strengthen its position as the country’s leading pizza brand.

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Angel’s Pizza

Angel’s Pizza

Angel’s Pizza is a popular pizza chain in the Philippines known for its wide selection of pizzas, pasta, and other Italian-inspired dishes. It is part of the Figaro Coffee Group Inc. (FCG), a company that also manages several other food and beverage brands.

Angel’s Pizza aims to provide quality food with a focus on customer satisfaction, operating a network of stores primarily across urban centers in the Philippines. The chain positions itself competitively in the local market against well-known pizza brands by continuously evolving its menu offerings and expanding its store footprint.

Angel’s Pizza operates as part of the Figaro Coffee Group Inc., which oversees a diverse portfolio of retail restaurants including Figaro Coffee, Tien Ma’s, and Café Portofino. Established with the goal of providing quality pizzas with a focus on customer satisfaction, Angel’s Pizza has steadily grown its presence in the Philippines.

Future International Venture

FCG Chairman Justin Liu shared that while international expansion isn’t an immediate priority, it remains a goal for the future. “It is not in our immediate goal at the moment, but something we hope to achieve in the future,” Liu said in an interview.

Liu indicated that talks are ongoing with potential partners for international expansion, particularly targeting markets in Asia. “We’re talking to several parties right now but there’s nothing definite yet, but still in negotiations,” he explained.

In the Philippines, Liu aims to elevate Angel’s Pizza to the top spot within the pizza industry in the next five years, focusing on both increasing customer preference and expanding store presence. Currently, Angel’s Pizza operates fewer than 130 stores, with plans to bolster its footprint in Visayas and Mindanao.

Acknowledging the competitive nature of the market, Liu identified Shakey’s, S&R, Pizza Hut, and Greenwich as primary competitors. He emphasized the need for continual menu evolution and strategic pricing to stay competitive, particularly in provincial markets.

Under FCG’s subsidiary, Figaro Coffee Systems Inc., the company manages a diverse portfolio of retail restaurant brands, including Figaro Coffee, Tien Ma’s, and Café Portofino. Collectively, FCG operates 207 stores, with Angel’s Pizza comprising the majority with 128 outlets.

Looking ahead, Liu expressed ambitious goals for Angel’s Pizza within the Philippines, envisioning a network of 300 to 400 stores. “I dream that we can be the number one pizza player here,” Liu stated, noting the challenges posed by larger, more capitalized competitors.

Wrapping up…

Angel’s Pizza

Angel’s Pizza, part of Figaro Coffee Group Inc., is a prominent player in the Philippine pizza market with plans for future expansion both domestically and internationally. With a strong emphasis on quality food and customer satisfaction, the brand aims to enhance its position locally while exploring opportunities for growth in Asia.

Under the leadership of FCG Chairman Justin Liu, Angel’s Pizza’s poised to compete vigorously against well-established rivals, focusing on menu innovation, strategic pricing, and expanding its store network to achieve its ambitious goals in the coming years.

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