The Philippine Tourism & Hotel Investment Summit 2024 is scheduled for June!

Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit
The Philippine Hotel Owners Association (PHOA) has announced the inaugural Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit 2024, scheduled for June 21, aimed at providing a pivotal platform for hotel owners, investors, and developers to explore burgeoning investment prospects within the country’s vibrant tourism and hospitality sector.

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Philippine Tourism & Hotel Investment Summit 2024

Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit

The Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit 2024 serves as a pivotal platform aimed at facilitating discussions and forging partnerships within the tourism and hospitality sector in the Philippines. Here’s how the summit works:

1. Objective and Focus

The summit is designed to explore and promote investment opportunities within the Philippine tourism and hotel industry. It focuses on bringing together key stakeholders including hotel owners, investors, developers, government officials, and industry experts.

2. Event Organization

Organized by the Philippine Hotel Owners Association (PHOA) in collaboration with Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), the summit features a structured agenda comprising keynote speeches, panel discussions, and an exhibition.

3. Keynote Speakers

Distinguished speakers, such as government officials and industry leaders, deliver keynote addresses outlining the strategic direction and priorities for tourism and hotel development in the Philippines. These speeches often set the tone and agenda for the summit.

4. Panel Discussions

Industry experts moderate panel discussions covering a range of topics pertinent to tourism and hotel investment. These discussions explore emerging trends, regional and global investment insights, challenges, opportunities for growth, and sustainable development practices.

5. Networking Opportunities

The summit provides ample networking opportunities for delegates to connect, exchange ideas, and build partnerships. Networking sessions may occur during breaks, meals, and dedicated networking events.

6. Exhibition Component

An exhibition showcases products, services, and innovations relevant to the tourism and hospitality sectors. Participating companies and organizations present their offerings, ranging from hotel equipment and technology solutions to sustainable tourism initiatives.

7. Outcomes and Initiatives

The summit aims to generate tangible outcomes such as new investment commitments, partnerships between investors and developers, collaborations on sustainable tourism projects, and policy recommendations to support industry growth.

8. Promotion and Awareness

Leading up to and during the event, extensive promotional efforts raise awareness about the summit’s objectives, speakers, and participating organizations. This promotes attendance and enhances the event’s impact.

Overall, the Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit 2024 functions as a catalyst for advancing tourism and hospitality initiatives in the Philippines, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and positioning the country as a premier destination for investment in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Event Overview

Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit

Scheduled to take place at The Ballroom, New World Makati Hotel, Makati City, the summit is co-presented by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), with key sponsorship from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR) and the Tourism Promotions Board.

Moreover, this landmark event anticipates hosting approximately 250 delegates, including decision-makers and top executives, engaging in discussions on emerging trends and investment landscapes within the industry.

The summit will feature distinguished keynote speakers such as Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco and TIEZA Chief Operating Officer Mark Lapid. It aims to support the government’s vision of positioning the Philippines as a leading tourism hub in the ASEAN region. This fosters partnerships with private stakeholders to drive sustainable tourism development.

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Panel Discussions and Exhibition Component

The Philippine Hotel Owners Association (PHOA) has outlined the following panel discussions featuring industry experts as moderators and speakers:

  • Insights on global and regional tourism investment
  • Emerging trends and prospects in the Asia-Pacific hotel industry
  • Outlook for hotel investments in the Philippines
  • Rise of independent hotel developers
  • Challenges and opportunities for casino hotels in the Philippines
  • Partnerships between hotel owners and management companies
  • Impact of aviation on hotel operations in the Philippines
  • Importance of innovation and sustainable aviation in Philippine tourism growth

In addition to the conference, Benito Bengzon Jr., PHOA Executive Director and former Department of Tourism Undersecretary for Tourism Development, announced an exhibition component featuring 30 companies from tourism, travel, and hospitality sectors. They will showcase products such as hotel equipment, energy efficiency solutions, spa and wellness offerings, and digital technology.

PHOA President Arthur Lopez emphasized the summit’s significance for the tourism and hotel industry, providing a platform for networking and sharing insights towards sustainable growth.

Karen Mae Sarinas-Baydo, TIEZA Assistant COO, highlighted their intention to connect with attending hotel developers and present flagship projects for potential collaboration. TIEZA will also host a networking lunch during the summit.

Mark Lapid, TIEZA’s representative, expressed excitement about industry collaboration and innovation at the summit, aiming to boost tourism investments and enhance capacity to accommodate inbound tourists.

The Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit 2024 is scheduled for June 21 at The Ballroom, New World Makati Hotel, Makati City. It precedes the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA)’s second Sales & Marketing Summit, focusing on the latest marketing trends and industry practices.

In Conclusion…

Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit

The Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit 2024 promises to be a landmark event, uniting stakeholders to explore innovative avenues for tourism investment and enhance the country’s capacity to accommodate and cater to inbound tourists. This initiative not only seeks to promote economic growth but also aims to elevate the Philippines as a premier destination in the global tourism map.

Upcoming Industry Event

Following the summit, the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA) will host its second Sales and Marketing Summit. This event will focus on the latest marketing trends and industry best practices, enriching the landscape of hospitality and tourism in the Philippines.

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